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comment 4 by Schodinger's Cat:-

Unbeliever : " Erm....don't I have to believe in God first to let him in ? Why should I believe ? "

Believer : "Only by believing will God be able to give you faith to see him "

Unbeliever : " So let me get this straight. You want me to believe in order to have the 'faith' to believe in him ? "...........walks off scratching head.

I had this problem. I really really did try opening my heart and my head to God to let him in, and you know what happened?

It was an amazing thing. I mean I wasn't expecting anything much to happen right away, but still I kept on and on doing the opening up to God routine every day and every night for months and months. I was on the edge of giving up.

I was pleading for God to come to me and then all of a sudden...

A voice like thunder rumbled, shivering the ornaments on the shelf, and the hairs on my neck. It said:-

"Not like that. Bend Over!

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