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dh, given that three insults have each been used once to refer to this author, and one of those insults was denied to be applicable in another post, and one of the others is a plural noun collectively referring to people of a common view rather than constituting personal invective, and no-one here claims to have a moral code which precludes the insulting of those whose ideas don't work for reasons we have carefully explained, and this is your only post here ever, and you didn't deal with any of our points, you're in no position to have your "it's about fear, self-righteousness and hatred" suggestion deemed accurate and in every position to have it deemed trollish.

We do not fear the possibility s/he's onto something; we've given cogent explanations for how we know s/he isn't. We are not self-righteous, but we are unimpressed with his/her attempt to demonstrate our inferiority to him/her, i.e. his/her superiority to us; and so, if anything, s/he's the self-righteous one. And you know that "hate the sin, love the sinner" idea? Well, if we hate anything, it's the fallacies, dishonesty etc. the OP exhibited.

Tue, 22 May 2012 15:41:55 UTC | #942848