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I would like to bring something to everyones attention. Proof is what is in question here, and demanding proof based on any given person's criteria of what constitutes absolute proof is, no doubt,only going to take us in circles and waste time. I'm here to answer sincere questions to the best of my ability, all the while, understanding fully that what might be sufficient evidence to convince me of something might not be enough to convince the next guy, and vice versa.

If anyone is looking for absolute, no doubt about it whatsoever, proof then I would have to ask;  just how do you imagine that proof would be provided ?   It seems that the requirements being placed for proof are requirements that, I suspect, you guys either know or suspect, have not survived from the time in question until now, at least in written form.  

What needs to be understood, again, is the atmosphere or setting of Jesus' time. Judea was ruled by the Roman's, and the Roman's were concerned about power, and they always had bigger issues than what Jesus was teaching or doing. So the writers of that time, who were not followers of Jesus, would not have had any interest or concern in recording what He was doing or saying. Just as people today who aren't believers won't care what the Bible says or if they do care, it's only to attempt to discredit it. If someone says "show me proof," but then proceeds to tear down whatever evidence is given because it doesn't fit their criteria for proof, then it would seem that that person doesn't really care about the answer that's given or that they should ask themselves; is what I'm aking for even reasonable?? I've given examples of secular writers that at least reference Jesus, pointing to his existence, and their genuineness is called into question, I've quoted scripture, which I'm not surprised was rejected as circular.  

  I know enough about evolution to know that if I ask for proof by saying, "if a lizard becomes a bird within 3 generations I'll believe it", that's very unreasonable on my part. I've actually studied evolution quite a lot for someone who doesn't follow that belief. But I've studied it so as to understand the claims and positions of those who do. And I know that I could require "proof" that, I know, in no way evolution could provide and then say; "well, you can't prove so it's not true."  That's unreasonable and only devisive. I'm more than happy, and enjoy,  answering ANY sincere questions to the best of my ability, understanding that it's not my responsibilty to convince anyone of what I believe. But I would like to participate in some discussions here because I believe that I can offer some clarification on some typical misunderstandings of "Christianity."  Whether or not anyone believes or agrees with it is totally up to that person.   Thank you!!!!  Have a Great Day!!!

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