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I suppose,in short,the likelihood of somebody rising from the dead is so far fetched that most of us on this site would have a lot of trouble swallowing that kind of claim.As, because these types of things don't happen in the real world,you would certainly have to present some very serious evidence to make that claim even somewhat plausible. If I wrote down on some scroll,2000 yrs ago, that I met a man who claimed he was god,lots of people witnessed this,it's the truth,and he could fly and heal people by a mere blink of his eyes and could also turn regular grass into the best of weed,,,would you believe me? The truth is,that if someone found something like this,they would believe it,and that's the trouble. It just has to be old,written in a particular way,with particular care,and dug many centuries later. Same reason so many people believe in the Mayan calendar being something to do with the end of the world etc.hope you get my drift. Also,this site has been set up for the very people who have major problems with these kinds of ideas which are clearly make believe more than they are real history. The comparison between Napoleon existing and the resurrection of a human being because he was the son of god is logical blasphemy in my opinion,as if these kinds of things happen regularly,so,i recommend a serious reality check before you go any further.

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