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Hitchens laid out why our worldviews are simply irreconcilable, rather than just being in conflict, or struggling to find a better configuration, common ground. No, we are simply opposed. It's like asking if the two football teams competing in the super bowl could work together. .....

Why would they have to? However, if we take your analogy over to real football then the answer is a resounding 'Yes'. Consider the MLS; players from several teams will happily work together for the U.S.A. national team, just as over here the England national squad is made up of players from most of the Premier League teams. Just don't mention Terry and Ferdinand, but that's a side issue with nothing to do with either religion or team loyalty.

Sporting loyalties are not something you try to claim is a foundational bedrock of the universe itself, unless you're insane. That's where the analogy fails.

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