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There are several issues theists and atheists can work together on, but "what to do about fundamentalism?" isn't one of them. This is because the real goal of the moderate theists is to disassociate religion from fundamentalism and claim the fundamentalists are not being properly religious, thus absolving religion of blame for fundamentalists, while the real goal of the atheists is to point out that fundamentalism is caused by religion and is the reason religion is dangerous, and that religion needs to be blamed for it if anything is to ever be done about fundamentalism. These are opposed goals. Even if both groups want Fundamentalism to end, they can't work together on it because they can't combine their arguments which are directly opposed to each other.

Imagine two groups who both want to make sure a mass genocide like the holocaust never happens again.

One group takes the strategy of wanting to teach about the truth of the horrible history of how it happened as a warning to people to never let events go in that direction again. The other group takes the strategy of wanting to pretend it never happened and whitewash it from history to keep people from getting the idea of emulating it.

These are NOT groups that could work together toward their goal. This is exactly the position that the moderate theists and the atheists find themselves in with regards to fundamentalists.

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