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dh, let me try to clear up your confusion -- if I can.

You (theists or believers) start from the point that everything comes from god and so it follows that without god there can be no morals (or anything else fo that matter).

The atheist starts from the point that there is no god and therefore we have to explain where EVERYTHING came from, including our morals.

Richard has given an explanation brilliantly, using science, and he has written a few books that deal with it, mainly The Selfish Gene. Stephen Hawking and Lawrence Krauss have brilliantly explained how the universe most likely came into being using science.

When you start from a place that gives you a ready explanation, you need look no further and you scratch your head and wonder why anyone would try to use science to explan what is already explained -- at least from your point of view -- by god.

The atheist looks at your bible and sees the unbelieveable and unimaginable amoral actions of the central character, god, toward his "children." The atheist says, this can't be a basis for morality.

The reason Richard is attacked so often and quote mined so often is that he is their greatest fear made manifest. He explains why god isn't needed to build a firm foundation onto which one can build anything, including a soaring sky scraper and it will stand -- no need for god. Richard scares the hell out of these crazy* people and with good reason. He makes sense and they don't.

*crazy here is used to mean crazy about god

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