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do you think our reaction is our responsibility?

Is there a y missing in there? Otherwise the answer has to be in the affirmative.

Comment 36 by dh :

Jos where would you put the 'y'?

Which says everything. "is your reaction our responsibility" or "is our reaction your responsibility" would both be acceptable questions. Asking if someone's reaction should not be dependent on themselves appears to be fallacious.

Comment 39 by dh :

Jos my question still stands because although you answered it from 'we', I would assume that you do not have an authority to answer in that way. Perhaps I am wrong?

These forums are full of other, extremely similar articles. Many people (by no means all) answer these claims fairly cogently. At this point some people, when they see the article, think something along the lins of "another one? Really? Have they not gotten this by now?" and get correspondingly annoyed, and thus spout minor abuse. If Jos needs any authority for the "we" in explaining the reaction, he can derive it from experience of the same thread, with approximately the same pattern of posts, repeating every few months or so. I might make the same claim, with approximately similar results.

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