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Comment 9,

I'd like to think that the women attending the remote viewing (via the internet?) parties weren't paying a blind bit of attention to the rally and were having a good time while the menfolk were out of the way.

I hope they were on Half the men will be terrified in case a woman locates a women's refuge to go to and the whole misogynist nest slithers open. Will a woman be able to use the kosher app while she's menstruating? Oh, I know, let's check what the Old Testament says about it. God, all these tragic, wasted lives.

And why don't the women escape more? How can we help them? Maybe we could try constantly posting links to on kosher forums and hope that someone gets it between deletions. Do it on a cookery forum - the men will never check there. We need a mole or a good hacker.

They'll soon find that the forbidden fruit of the internet is better than any old apple, especially if they come on 'ere. Nope, you just couldn't make this up. As Metamag says, they're just like fundamentalist Muslims, and yet they want to exterminate each other.

Must be some evil energy that lives in the beards. How do they even eat the chicken soup with those beards? I wish Derren Brown would disguise himself as a speaker, hypnotise the lot of them, and at least we could give them a good shave.

Wed, 23 May 2012 02:11:45 UTC | #943031