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Metamag ... Where did I get that impression? Oh, I don't know. By observation over my entire life maybe. Disparity in Nobel prizes count between Jews and Muslims, perhaps. I am aware that the ultras are pretty crazy and that, on the surface, they don't appear that different from the Islamic crazies and, in reality, they're probably not. I argue with them all the time on other sites about circumcision of boys, telling them that it's just as ignorant as FGM. They don't like that very much. I don't care. But, you know, in general, I hardly ever think about being blown to bits by Jews and I'm not sure I've ever heard of rabid orthodox Jews flying jetliners into buildings, blowing up buses in the UK or trains in Spain. I get your point, but I think I'll continue to expect stupidity and barbarism from Muslims, but expect a higher level of functioning from Jews, realistic or not. And, I'm not so sure that the only difference between ultras and the Taliban are that minor. I'm incapable of that level of multicultural equivocation, though. Well, maybe ideologically they're not that dissimilar, in a sense, but in behavior, they're vastly different. BTW, I read almost all of Jerry's articles and the accompanying comments every day. I even make a comment once in a while.

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