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Comment 20 by Border Collie :

Where did I get that impression? Oh, I don't know. By observation over my entire life maybe. Disparity in Nobel prizes count between Jews and Muslims, perhaps. I am aware that the ultras are pretty crazy and that, on the surface, they don't appear that different from the Islamic crazies and, in reality, they're probably not.

But of course, if you're not one of the crazies, life is very different indeed. You're not actually expected to believe any of the religious nonsense - just to follow the rules. Judaism does not require that you switch off your critical faculties when confronted with anything challenging orthodox belief. You can spend the week proving scientifically that burning bushes can't speak, and then turn up for the Sabbath without having to do any real mental gymnastics, let alone worry about being accused of apostasy.

There are quite a few Yiddish epithets for non-Jews, some of them pretty unpleasant, but there is no concept equivalent to "unIslamic", even amongst the die-hard silly-plaits and silly-hats brigade.

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