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Comment 22 by mordacious1 :

Well, my very christian neighbor and I spent Sunday filling in potholes on our road for the benefit of the other cheap/lazy neighbors. I didn't mention it was the sabbath and he didn't try to pray for the holes to fill themselves. So the job got done without a hitch, except the one in my back.

That confirms to me that we can work together very well, but only if the religious agree to at least temporarily abandon their supernatural baloney and settle for an atheistic analysis and solution to the problem.

The reason to fill in the pothole was to avoid damage to cars and allow a better, safer driving experience - not to get a pat on the back from a sky leprechaun or a reward in heaven. - an atheistic reason

The solution was not to pray that the hole would be filled (because he knew it wouldn't work) or to wave a magic wand, but to grab a shovel. - an atheistic solution

The criteria to measure success was to actually look at each hole to see if it had enough filling yet - not to throw some dice and see if it came up with doubles. - an atheistic measurement

We can work quite happily together, but only if the religious agree to temporarily suspend the bullshit and use evidence from reality to decide what we can agree on. Great things can be accomplished if we work together, but let's not pretend that we're meeting somewhere in the middle.

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