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                 Comment 35 by T. Stillson> Who would have had ANY desire to record the specifics of Jesus' life but the people who BELIEVED that he is the Son of God ? So the unblievers of that time wouldn't have cared about this guy.> I don't know T.  Don't you think an event like this would have made it into the records, somehow?> 

It did make it into the records, THE BIBLE, but if you choose to throw it out, then you're left right where you want to be.....with nothing. If, a king for example, wanted to discredit a former king then he would simply destroy any documentation referencing him. That's a fact. look it up if you like. I would suggest that anyone really interested do some research about what was going on then. If you consider the persecution of the Christians and that were scattered and hiding underground basically. And when you take into consideration the belief of the Romans that the Christians wanted to rule and take over the kingdom, don't you think that possibly they would destroy any document that they came across that might help further the Christian cause, at least based on the Roman's understanding of what it was ?? People have been trying to utterly and completely destroy the bible forever, believing that if they get rid of it they can get rid of all that it stands for too. The same type of thing was happening back then as well.

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