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Comment 7 by Quine :

. I urge all in the USA to stand up to these enemies of reproductive rights and health care, who come forth falsely cloaked in the vestments of religious freedom.

Whaddya mean "falsely"?? I really hate this dishonest meme that says when people do awful things in the name of religion that this is purely "in the name of" religion and not "true" religion. It's not false religion. Its an example of what makes true religion a bad thing. By using this tactic of labeling all such occurrences as "falsely cloaked in" religion, they hope to deflect in one motion all valid criticism of why the very practice of making unevidneced belief in things into a virtue (religion) is a bad thing.

Don't help them by falling into using their terminology for this.

This is NOT an action "falsely cloaked in" religion. Asking for exceptions to the law so you can get away with special privilege IS mainstream religion.

Wed, 23 May 2012 18:43:12 UTC | #943159