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Oh, but this is the reason, the very reason, we can't get over it katy (quote 41).

As someone in the OP pointed out, "we need to learn to control ourselves" [when it comes to porn]. Sorry, but the internet is here to stay. Does it have a dark side, sure. Been on Facebook lately? This "meeting" is offensive to me as a woman because women, who you rightly point out, are probably MOST harmed by porn, meaning men are harmed by it, too, weren't ALLOWED TO ATTEND! That is about RELIGION.

Religion. Religion. Religion. If not for that, there wouldn't be a MEN ONLY rally where something important to EVERYONE was discussed.

I can't speak for others on this site but the men only nature of this rally was FAR more offensive to me than porn on the internet....mainly because I can control myself as to whether and what porn I choose to use. As women, they didn't get to choose to go to this rally or not. Again, THEY WEREN'T ALLOWED.

Wed, 23 May 2012 22:56:59 UTC | #943186