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The more committed the clown the more they cannot accept the failure! Their ego and the resultant embarrassment is there but pride and fear continue the obvious deception well past barking, and the more foolish it gets the more self image demands that the they should be right.

So on to the next date because the scripture was not in error but the interpretation overlooked a one, another prime number, or a decimal point.

Are they mentally ill?...well as ill as any dumb self obsessed ignorant cretin looking for a thrill that involves a cult a leader, a saviour, a start again point, a new world order, a life changing, a new day! That by necessity involves a wiping of the slate, or a rebooted Earth, a wipe out of population to leave a whole deserted playground to explore, a chance to do it different, a new beginning, an apocalypse to give the righteous a pre-eminence over all that is left, or a flying saucer to whip them off to a brand new life...away from reality!

Pretty much all variations on a theme that every cult leader/scam artist that has ever been offers unreservedly...

And the more they buy into it the more the siren song swells in volume the more committed and the more they drift away from rationality. Finally the investment in such utter bollix actually overrides the prediction of the bollix, they simply move on to the next one, it is almost an adrenaline rush! And there will always be dimmer bulbs with manipulative skills and the ability to pretend significant patterns in balderdash to follow, as perennial as there is a pope or the terminally socially incompetent display the need and greed for a quick buck!

It is perhaps the fact that Camping 's ministry never returned a penny of donation to the cretins that gave up everything because of his prediction, they never even offered help to the faithful dispossessed not a penny of the fortune that to allowed him to publicize his insanity, to get his 15 mins of fame and line his what end, so he could have a stroke...very biblical! A case of Caveat emptor...nah...a case of playing on confirmation bias that was used to scalp the gullible.

He will not be the last...and many other eejits will still line up their check books and wallets looking for their personal Nirvana in spite of not because!

Until it becomes a criminal offence to voluntarily bankrupt yourself or cause bankruptcy in others through the plying and dissemination of patent fucking bullshite!

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