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Do you know if there has been any conclusive research done on this?

Seems that there are many research inquiries that touch on this dissociative malady ..but as far as I can tell not specifically on rapture phenomenon as yet!

a comment

similar vein

a political teaser

Not a particularly good selection and all from 'Psychology today' but the last one is an interesting sojourn in the political might be assumed that the followers of such delusional pomp and circumstance were, or are, right leaning bunnies.

I must admit that comment # 6 is only my take on the situation, I am in no way qualified to declare it as a hard and fast fact just a jaded observation.

But there are remarkable similarities in all these tragic folk, ostensibly 'normal' will suddenly decide that some spurious and weird random selected scripture from the ass end of some lesser known tract will reveal the greatest catastrophe this world is ever likely to experience...apart from the K/T Extinction Event +/_ 65 million years ago!

There seems to be a high correlation between excessive to compulsive religious beliefs to mild to severe schizophrenia on a idea if that is a salient point but certainly there is a mental instability of sorts at work that allows a mind to dismiss rationality and actively revel in the destruction of their own world...Extraordinary really !

And usually god reveals some details personally!

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