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One thing I've always wondered about the whole apocolypse / rapture thing

Only one? ;-)

I think the bottom line is that has not really been thought through at all!

I mean what is the point of dossing around on some cloud plucking a harp and singing the praises to jeebus for that it...nothing else...fucking pointless...what deity has such a twisted egotistically warped character that requires a cacophony of the dead singing his praises for ever 'n' ever?...apart from the obvious flaw that not every zombie has a singing voice ...half of them are illiterate and most of them were asleep during church services in their previous incarnation anyway?

Where are the lyrics?...on some heavenly appointed iPad with multi terminal access with Steve Jobs conducting the data flow?... Yeah I know Steve was one of the good guys and an Atheist but pragmatically they would probably decide to second the dude cos they got no one else capable of plugging a mouse in let alone running a system.

Rubbing wing tips with the likes of Herr Hitler...cos he never got ex-communicated therefore was never a candidate for the hot house...and Mother Theresa that will probably demand money with menaces! And think of them tele-evangelists and priests that have ascended to argue the toss at the pearly gates?

Seems they are a little superfluous to requirements methinks! Their administrations no longer appropriate!

The whole thing is just wishful childish pathetic escapism from the fear of real mortality...and cowardice from rationality.

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