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Comment 13 by strangebrew :

The whole thing is just wishful childish pathetic escapism from the fear of real mortality...

For trooooo believers it's a whole lot more, I have a friend that I have cornered a few times with questions about her faith, she 100% believes that SHE will go to heaven and stand NEXT to jesus, even after I explain that there must surley be millions of other people all expecting to stand next to him. SHE still insisted that SHE would be standing right next to him.

I asked her who gets to go to heaven, her answer was a simple 'Those who believe' and she really did mean ANYONE. I questioned her on this about people who commit terrible crimes and she said that so long as they BELIEVE, they too will go to heaven. 'The Kindest people in the world can rot in hell if they dont believe' - Her exact words.

Thu, 24 May 2012 12:19:44 UTC | #943262