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Comment 161 by northern witness -

Second, yes, Jesus did come back. Read your Bible. Even Dawkins knows that.

The OP was referring to the mythical second coming.

Third, God is not an individual. God as a person is a metaphor, a personification device to simplify an abstract concept for a simple audience. It seems that the device is not simple enough for Atheists.

Ooh, get her.

Let's see.

It's a metaphor.

For the personification.

Of an abstract concept.

How amusing.

And as for this:

. Perhaps you and a few of the other Atheists here need to take an introductory course to English literature to discover what some of these devices are.

Right. Let's start at the beginning.

What evidence do you have for who wrote it?

And why they wrote it?

What evidence do you have that the Adam and Eve story is supposed to be a metaphor?

What evidence do you have that your interpretation of this metaphor is correct?

What evidence do you have for the major premise of your metaphor, that a god - your particular one - actually exists?

I await your answers with interest.

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