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I asked her who gets to go to heaven, her answer was a simple 'Those who believe' and she really did mean ANYONE. I questioned her on this about people who commit terrible crimes and she said that so long as they BELIEVE, they too will go to heaven. 'The Kindest people in the world can rot in hell if they dont believe'

I have come across similar both in the real world and cyber-space and the depression I feel is not conducive to 'interfaith' dialogue in the slightest. it is one reason I get very testy with apologists and accommodationists.

This mind set...if it can be called that...I think is more a symptom of the piss poor education in matter theological by the clerics. What they deliver to the masses is a vague rambling incoherent morass of subjective and sensational gobbly gook masquerading as tenets of the religion.

So poor are these incomplete and bumbling anecdotes and homilies played by the clerics that the audience is left to piece together the discordant picture the best way they can.

Hence good folk go to hell if they do not believe and bad folk do cos they repent and believe...

It is a device that is supposed to support other creaky parts of their house of cards. In trying to emphasize that forgiveness is a major stick and carrot and that non-believers are destined for hell they end up getting the audience minds tangled up if not sorely and morally confused as to who what or why some folks go North and some South! It is just piss poor vague teaching...and that is the source of this balderdash for sure. not a particularly intellectual pursuit...they prove it over and over again!

The idea seems to be the less the congregation is informed fully and accurately about these matters the better...otherwise no one knows where it might end! Give them no reason to start thinking about it except from the POV of fear and horror... Best to keep the fairy story intact...even if it is a little confused in the delivery.

It seems it is a common and prevalent interpretation, maybe because the last thing the clerical jockies want is for analytical thought to play any part in the construction of the biblical image in the minds of their sheeple. They prefer by far rampant juvenile/childish manipulations and assumptions of the facts to serious theology any day.

I expect that there might be one or two examples where the theology is laid out more or less pertaining to the story line and given some tweaks appearing to deliver a morality in tune with xian teaching...but the mere fact these folk exist with such a stunted and analytical by-pass comes with a chilling thought, they are not in the minority.

In fact it kindda suggests that it is a common and widespread failing by the church and by the public educational system in how to analytically think...cos sure as the sun comes up they will never receive that important mental tool from the religion they are slaved to.

And explains what the religions are doing sniffing at the crack in secular armour that allows religious faith based initiatives into public educational situation. They have intent to deliver twisted and incoherent trash as the trooooooof!!!

Actually they care less about the theology their victims live and breath by and more by the numbers of infected corpses they can claim follow their religion. It is education...but not as we know it!

How sad is that...?

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