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Hey all. Thanks for the input.

I'll admit...I continue to be amazed (aka: frustrated) at those who assert that any kind of dramatic production, video or otherwise, is no better than a religious piece. They see storytelling tools such as music, professional narration, flashy effects and editing as disingenuous tactics designed to subvert intellect and only appeal to emotion.

As a producer and storyteller, I want to engage all of the draw the viewer forward and immerse him/her in an experience. This doesn't cheat the information presented, but if done correctly, enhances it.

Sure, we can read facts, perspectives, opinions and theories in text form. We can post data like one might post instructions for assembling furniture. We can document information merely as ink-and-paper bullet points. And those methods certainly have merit.

But it's just stupid to claim that a documentary or science-related video becomes religious in nature when it incorporates production elements, atmospherics, soundtracks and punchy visuals to make it more palatable, more fluid, more immersive and more entertaining.

When did the secular community become so anxious to recuse itself from being more accessible? So many avoid groups for fear of being labeled "church." They steer clear of labels for fear of being a "denomination." And they reject half the (highly-produced) stuff they see on the Discovery Channel because it's too "religious" in its presentation of science.

Good information can be made more accessible (and more enjoyable) in how it is packaged and presented. If you think that atheist presentations should be delivered in dry voice, no music, no visuals, no eye or ear candy and without any production tools for dramatic emphasis, and if you think anyone who does incorporate those elements is acting "religious," you definitely need to open the box, crawl outside and get some air.

We have great (and true) stories. And we must be good at telling them.

All my best.

Seth Andrews

Thu, 24 May 2012 15:12:27 UTC | #943292