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Comment 20 by Macropus

Not sure what you mean here, but if you're saying that people who know nothing about David Attenborough would trust his voice because if its quality, I couldn't agree more. It's vastly better than the voice on the video.

Once again, I'm not arguing which voice is "better". This is merely your personal opinion.

Of the 80% or so who retain religious beliefs, we should be aiming such videos at those most likely to be persuaded by reasoned argument and calm, thoughtful commentary. Hyped-up commercial voice-overs won't help.

Do you have any evidence for this hypothesis? It's seems falsifiable. If a "hyped-up" voice is effective at bringing a significant fraction of your 80% (the nitwits?) to a more scientific worldview, then it certainly would help our cause. I couldn't care less which voice is "better" from an aesthetic point-of-view.

Why are you making it an either/or proposition, anyway? There are plenty of atheist videos narrated by calm, thoughtful voices -- Thunderfoot, for instance. I think we need to get out of the box and try whatever works.

Thu, 24 May 2012 15:33:57 UTC | #943294