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I'm gonna have a T-shirt made.

"The World Ends Today".

Let's see if I can gather up a crowd.

          [Comment 16](/articles/646005-a-year-after-the-non-apocalypse-where-are-they-now/comments?page=1#comment_943265) by  [Daniel Clear](/profiles/51034)          :

                 mordacious1"And what do you do with a T-shirt that says the world will end on a specific date? You'd look pretty stupid wearing it after the date has passed. Not that you didn't look stupid wearing it to begin with."au contrairestupid or not if you know of one of these t-shirts going for sale i'll have it and wear it with pride

How about "The World Ends Today Or Tomorrow"?

Thu, 24 May 2012 15:37:27 UTC | #943295