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They seem to have avoided the possibility that the rapture did happen, but they didn't make the cut either.

We should set up a website for apocalypse believers. If they think the world is going to end, they can donate all their money through the website (We can call it 'Apocalypse Insurance', while they can call it 'Spiritual Cleansing'). We'll use half of their funds and donate to worthy secular causes (eg. Doctors without Borders).

After the end of the world doesn't happen, if the believer can admit (with some help) that they were deluded, we'll give them the other half of their money back so they can restart their lives. For those that can't accept that they were wrong, their money will be divided among the website supporters (ie. us).

Win-win-win situation. The only losers would be those who don't think they lost.

Thu, 24 May 2012 18:00:50 UTC | #943324