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As much as I enjoyed the deconstruction of the group selection model by explaining how kin selection and inclusive fitness work, it would have been more appropriate if the review had gone into detail about Wilson's own argument. A comment at the bottom of the page gave a link to a Nature article which claimed that the kin selection model was "inadequate" outside of a few cases. Unfortunately, I couldn't access the article because you have to pay to see the whole thing, so I never saw Wilson et al.'s argument. In which cases did he think kin selection didn't work?

I also keep thinking that the benefit units in formulae like Br>C feel a little disembodied from the material units like number of genes. Are there any books on this genetic-mathematic subject? It might be that the workings are all done elsewhere, or are staring me in the face, but Br>C feels a bit disembodied at the moment, and I don't know what I'm supposed to be visualizing in terms of "benefit". Is it an increase in the proportion of that allele in the population relative to other alleles, with "all genes have only one allele" being the endgame?

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