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If you really want to understand the context of the Adam and Eve story, you need to read it in the original language. Beautiful as it may be, the KJB is still only a translation, which inevitably means an approximation. Not, mind you, that it actually makes any more sense in Hebrew.

Also, keep in mind that, from a Jewish perspective, the written Bible is just the notes. The four words, " I directed you," are considered to include the entire content of the Jewish kosher slaughter laws, which take up a couple hundred pages when written out. This is one reason Jews tend to find Christian interpretations a bit lacking.

When it says "god created," does it really mean "god" or "gods?" Elohim is the standard Hebrew plural form, and used in exactly that sense in references to pagan gods. But other times it's taken to be a proper name, whenever there's a monotheistic reason to do so. As the Genesis creation myths were almost certainly taken from older pagan sources, one might be excused for thinking the proper name interpretation is a later gloss.

Adam and Eve? An allegory, to be sure, but one attesting to human interrelatedness, not fruit eating, talking snakes, or original sin (something else Jews never believed in). The "punishment" for that culinary crime was that we would have to work for our food, and childbirth would be painful. I don't think that's changed, so I guess Jesus didn't accomplish anything after all.

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