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The genie’s not going back in the bottle. Religious leaders should be very afraid.

And so they are! And one reason is plain as day...The two major xian delusions...RC & Protestant are as near to schism individually today as they ever were during the reformation from each other.

Their houses are divided unto themselves...and I suggest that the internet and the speed of communication are the driving force behind such movement away from the stifling absolutism that churches traditionally depended on to keep their flock corralled in the past.

There has never been a way to challenge the priest before...certainly never been a way to challenge his bishop.

The internet can do that...and so it does and the cretins that be are in meltdown from the glare of condemnation pouring into their rancid little hovel of subjective and bigoted world views.

Just a matter of time and some well placed kicks in the guts of morbid piousness to jolly the process along. And atheists do that job just fine by actually existing. Atheism can generate such hysteria by their presence that we hardly have to do or say their rancid fear the theists destroy their own stories and their own dogma by sheer unadulterated is wonderful seeing them flee the light of rationality like cockroaches in the morning rays of sunshine.

They are be it...let it be so!

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