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One of the really interesting things about the whole science/faith debate is how churches , and I am talking about evangelical ones, are being affected by it all. Take Al Mohler for instamce , one of Americas leading baptists. His website is full of articles that are little more than fire-fighting,

Basically, science, reason and atheism are having such an effect on churches, that they are having to re-evaluate a lot of what they believe. And Mohler doesnt like it. I woudl argue that as lot of the eating away at religious certainties is coming from cyber-space.

And in cyber space, the fundies are trying to hit back. Canute fashion, I would say.

Check this page out. Note the title "Evolutionism" (not "Evolution" !!)


Especially the Adam and Eve articles if you really want to see how these guys are in a tail spin. Fascinating reading.

:-)) SG

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