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I thought this comment on the link summed up xtian theist thinking on "scientific data", and "evidence"!

SimonTemplar - As you must know, the sufficiency of convincing evidence will likely be different for different people.

Consider the global warming debate as an example. Learned, scientific folk on both sides of the debate come to completely different conclusions based on the same scientific data. One side is correct and the other is wrong yet they both lay claim to the factual high-ground of truth.

.. with those who don't know what "evidence is" unable to tell the misleading tripe from the evidenced claims, or pseudo-scientific posers from numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers, - thinking, "there are two only sides" to the simplistic perception of the debate in their heads!

The rest of us choose one side or the other largely on faith.

It's how they think .. ... and get it wrong time and again!! Faith and choosing, without scientific checking!

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