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It helps many people move into new meme territory:

One realises the "Emperor" is often not deluded per se, but actually walks about naked ("I will act as if my brain has never been dressed in 21st century education." - aka myth mongering nakedness), expecting the rank and file to anticipate he is deluded, therefore must parade as if wearing new clothes, to an audience who is afraid to mention this in case it ostracises them, in ways irrecoverable to their life opportunities, such as making lots of invisible clothes for large bonuses.

Therefore satan is the internet and god is represented by the one frequently showing off his dangly bits as if new cod pieces were all the rage. It's based on the faulty premise that great minds think alike, therefore finding ways of like thinking leads to greatness, otherwise known as high value finance. Ritual deposit accounts of bullshit help the habit of ritual deposits to which the "Emperors" can help themselves.

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