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It kind of makes it difficult to feel much self confidence when all of my existence is perched on a tiny knife edge of microbial tolerance. Yes I can think, maybe too much, but to be able to do that I am completely dependent on the creatures on my insides (and outsides too). It just takes one angry and resistant pathogen to clean up the messiness that is human overproliferation. If we are finding ways around our weak/malicious genes, then we are just guaranteeing their dissemination into our young. We better be able to keep up with the costs of prolonging human life, or it will all be a waste of time. And I hate to sound like a eugenicist, but there really should be a license granted to people that want to have children. With all the mental problems we are having here in the states, parents should be declared fit before any child is given into their care. My son has autism, and there is a degree of question-ability that he will lead any kind of independent life. His self preservation is quite minimal, and this is a concern. But I could always be wrong about him. There's just no way to tell where evolution will take us, where the future will lead, who will be the weak and who will be the strong. Everything can change, and change quickly.

Sat, 26 May 2012 22:25:59 UTC | #943711