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I do wonder how much it actually costs to produce the scientific journals in which we publish our research. Graduate students and faculty prepare the manuscripts for publication, then faculty volunteer their time for the peer review process. ... It seems to me that the publishers are making a hefty profit.

Should faculty be the ones to pay for open access to their own research?

You forgot to mention the hefty charges we have to pay to the journals to publish our papers (for people who don't publish papers, the charges are usually well over $1,000 and sometimes over $2,000).

Of course this is only true if the journal works that way. It depends on the discipline area. I've never paid for anything to be published in a mathematical journal.

I can understand paying fees to open access journals that don't get subscription revenue, but I don't like the idea of paying Oxford or Elsevier a hefty fee for the privilege of handing over the copyright to my work, after which the journal hides it behind a paywall.

Except that if the journal is electronic and the peer-review is done by unpaid researchers and the editorial board is unpaid researchers there isn't much left to pay for. There is some copy-editing to bring the paper in line with the journal style. What else ?

Not to mention that they'll come back in a few months and ask me to review papers for free! I decided last year that it's better to publish in open-access journals.

There is a move amongst mathematicians to boycott Elsevier.


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