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I too think there should be a complete as possible collection of Hitch video material assembled, even though many of his ideas are immortalised in his written works, I think of people in generations to come who will not have seen Christopher's mesmerising and inspiring oration first hand, and what a tragedy it would be if portions of it were lost due to the inherently transient nature of the internet, will YouTube still be around in 50 years to come? If YouTube were to cease to exist tomorrow how much of that material would be unrecoverable I wonder? His voice was such an integral part of his overall power as an intellectual that it has to be preserved and not allowed to gradually erode away over time. One good solution may to be to create a .torrent of the complete collection and allow it to be shared organically rather than having one single website responsible for hosting the material indefinitely, this is similar to what Wikileaks did with the "insurance" file which supposedly contained secret material that could be released if anything ever happened to the directors of the organisation. We need a Hitch insurance file, insurance against the chance that the material that I have spent inordinate periods of time and many a late night enjoying and absorbing is not available for future generations who will most likely still be fighting the same fight and therefore benefit from it immeasurably.

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