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Not being able to remain silent (a common writer’s weakness) I confront some woo peddler or other almost every day, and my comment often elicits an entire dispute. Even if it begins in a civil way, which is about half the time, the discussion soon becomes soured by the believer’s sense of outrage.

LOL, I do this all the time on completely unrelated gaming forums(in off-topic subforums or if someone brings something up in other subforums) and such. Glad to see I'm not the only one.

Indeed you're not. I've chosen to direct my own "self righteous atheism" at the pious commenters on The Daily Telegraph blog sites. Particularly the "traditional" catholics that largely support Damian Thompson's blog.

In blogging terms, there really is nothing quite as satisfying, as puncturing the pompous self assurance that some of these people exhibit.

And whilst this is always "home", I usually just find myself nodding in agreement, with comments articulated by others far more succinctly than I could manage myself.

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