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                <You seem to have cut your list list of religions rather short -  []>

raytoman only asked for one , so I gave him the one and only true and living example. Jesus Christ is the God of all gods who are no gods at all.

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Now all you have to do is show that such a person existed and that there is any historical evidence of ANY of his supposed actions.

I would like for you to tell me EXACTLY, in detail, how you would like for me to show this to you. I ask this up front because most of the time an unbeliever will reject any and everything that is presented, even from non-biblical sources. I would like to know what you are expecting as evidence, in other words, what will you not reject as evidence ? Keeping in mind that the individuals who wrote the books of the bible were real living people just like anyone else who writes a book or letter, whether anyone believes the writings were inspired by God or not. It should be considered for historical value if nothing else. As an unbeliever,or anyone else for that matter, you can't prove that the individuals who wrote the books of the bible never existed, and you certainly cant prove what they saw or didn't see and thereby would have had first hand, eyewitness testimony of.

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