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← Church puts Pat Tillman on a Christian cross for Memorial Day

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I know this action of putting the name of Pat Tilman on a cross shows a lack of respect but hey, he is not exactly spinning in his grave now, is he?

I don't know if you saw the funeral services, with people praying and doing other christian stuff. The brother gave a pretty emotional and angry speech saying that he's not in heaven, he's dead. That's it. I'm sure Tillman's family is not happy with stuff like this.

It's similar, I think, to the mormons converting Holocaust Jews into mormons. Just stoopid and they should be called on it. Each and every time, they should be called on it. I just saw something on the news where Oakland Public Zoo has a big stone monument with the ten commandments on it. Some guy who was molested by priests when he was an altar boy and is now a wiccan or something is trying to force them to remove it or let him put up a wiccan monument. Don't let them get away with anything, they've been getting away with crap for too long.

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