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Human sacrifice, ritual torture or domestic violence are not allowed, even if it suppresses certain forms of religious practice.

Because such practices infringe the rights of others, no?

Sure. But if we ban religious, even consentual human sacrifice on private premises, why would it be a religious right to refuse a gay couple a lodging and possibly let them freeze to death on a cold night? Or refuse a certain kind of medical treatment on religious grounds?

One of the most important functions of the government of a civilized country is to limit the freedoms of its citizens. Unlimited freedom is anarchy, the very opposite of civilization. 

My point is I criticize the American habit of using the word "freedom" as if it is a good thing by definition. It is not that simple. Any freedom has to be defined by constant dialogue and careful political discourse. Accepting simple political statements like "Attacking Freedom is Bad" produces exactly this kind of idiotic situations, like defending physical and mental violence as a religious liberty.

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