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I would call mordacious1's comment hilarious if it weren't so sad. In the last few years, I've seen CFI be criticized for not being strident enough, for being too "accommodationist," because some of our staffers criticized some of the tactics of "New Atheists" in blog posts (as the WEIT post shows). Simultaneously, and that's why it's hilarious and sad, I've seen CFI be criticized as too strident and too atheist, taken over by "new atheists," "neo-atheists," and "atheist fundamentalists," as even Kurtz said in this article:

CFI supporting and promoting Blasphemy Day International is far from accommodationism.

Schrodinger's CFI? The blog lens through which you look determines your current and future attitude about a large multifaceted organization, even in the face of opposing information, and determines whether or not you help students attend a leadership conference? That seems irrational and makes me sad, because the student movement is crucial, and I thought we were more reasonable than that.

Debbie Goddard, CFI On Campus Coordinator

Tue, 29 May 2012 15:59:43 UTC | #944249