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"Religious liberty", my backside!. That's like "consensual rape" or "creationist science"!

These professional Christian whingers are quite happy to attack "atheist liberty" as and when it suits them. No principles, no understanding, no humanity, - just endless bigoted ideas carefully refined over many years by churches and preachers.

They can stuff their "religious liberty" down a disused uranium mine. It might become less toxic down there.

As far as discrimination in general goes, at least in Britain,afaik, people like publicans and restauranters, and yes, even shopkeepers, can legally refuse to serve anyone without giving a reason. And there can be many reasons to refuse service apart from dislike of gays, e.g. drunkeness, threatening behaviour, upsetting other customers, inappropriate dress, smelling awful etc. etc. Many clubs legally discriminate against women or men members. Italian restaurants are allowed to discriminate against non-Italian speaking would-be waiters, and so on. In a world where something like 30,000 children die every day of poverty related issues, and where there are something like 300 million unemployed, these "inequalities" are not very high up on my list of priorities.

Tue, 29 May 2012 19:44:21 UTC | #944303