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In my first comment I stated that I don't know if these issues have trickled down to the CFI's student affiliates and that I hoped they haven't. I didn't recommend that anyone not support your organizations, I did state however that CFI on the national level has lost my support and I stand by that. If you read the WEIT link, you'll notice that they have lost a lot of support from many long-time contributors.

When was the last time you heard anyone from Richard Dawkins' Foundation defending themselves against charges of accommodationism? How about Jerry Coyne, PZ, Ophelia Benson (need I go on?)? I can answer that for you. Never! They don't have to because they do not write articles or have radio programs supporting accommodationism or criticizing Gnu Atheists as being strident, militant or unknowledgeable about theism . The fact that Ron Lindsay, Melody Hensley and Simon someone have to be defending their organization is because they do have radio programs that do this and their leadership does write articles that are ridiculous on these topics.

If this makes you sad, I'm sorry, but sometimes the truth makes people cry.

Tue, 29 May 2012 21:52:49 UTC | #944321