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Your comment about crying in this context made me snort! Question: Did you read the NPR piece? Do you think that Coyne's perspective is the truth, and the people interviewed for the NPR article are liars or incorrect? Is Blasphemy Day evidence that the organization is accommodationist? The opposite, I'd think.

I stand by my original comment. I think that Coyne took a chunk of information and drew a conclusion, but that only reflects one face of the whole. I find it frustrating that you feel so certain that you're correct, when your perspective is so limited. I feel similarly about some of the comments made in the NPR article by people who drew the opposite conclusion and think that CFI is now being run by new atheists.

But back to the matter at hand. The campus groups are loosely affiliated and can be as in-your-face or accommodationist as they want. :) We don't control them. Take a look at the list for an idea:

If you donate, the money goes right to travel grants to bring more students to the conference. I hope you find it a worthwhile cause.

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