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Comment 21 by QuestioningKat :

. No woman wants some guy behind her looking at her ass. It's bad enough having some guy behind you when climbing up stairs, especially wearing a dress. . .

What's wrong with a guy in a dress behind you on the stairs? But seriously, I for one make it a rule not to be too close behind anybody on stairs. Men or women, old or young; all are prone to the occasional accidental fart, especially when doing something strenuous like climbing stairs, and when they do then 3 steps back is not the place to be!

LaurieB asks

Ever been in a mosque at prayer time?
No, but I was once at a dinner party when one of the guests left the table, fetched his prayer mat from his car and took it into the garden to pray. My comment 'Now that's the loneliest game of Twister I've ever seen' caused some serious tutting (about as close as the British middle-classes get to an admonishment).

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