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You know, there was a time (I was a teenager) when I shared (more like adopted) the same attitude as these anarchists. I used to be a vegan, pseudo-radical environmentalist type who thought that all forms of direct action, like "rescuing" animals from farms or the actions of that specific ELF led by Danial McGowen, were necessary and that much of technology was ruining the world. Same with science. I was also into a lot of existentialist literature and essays by anarcho-primitivist types like John Zerzan, a guy that goes so far as criticize symbolic language and time. I would buy issues of Earth First, print all sorts of pamphlets or old essays by Bakunin and Emma Goldman, visit this nihilist website called Counter Order, and buy books from this collective called CrimeThInc who produced anarchist manifestos like Days of War, Night of Love. I stopped reading that stuff because I went to music school and chose to focus on that instead. Having gone back and read those ideas, wow, it's remarkably laughable. It's amazing what you can believe about something, like science and technology, when you're utterly incurious about it. I have a friend who is into the radical icon Derrick Jensen. This guy recently came out with a book called Dreams where he attempts to take on materialists like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins. The guy is convinced that anyone that tells him that he isn't having contact with real forest spirits in his dreams has bought into the oppressive myths of scientists working on the behalf of capitalism.

I still read that stuff from time to time. I'm more interested in what led me to think that it made sense and why other people still think it does. I do think something can be learned by reading such different perspectives like that, but I rarely agree with any of it. I also like a good argument. I guess it's similar to Steven Pinker's motivation to write a book like The Blank Slate. He was willing to take on attitudes he didn't have to. Some of my friends are becoming anarchists, so I'm willing to give them my time.

Honestly, the visitors of this site might get a kick of the people like Derrick Jensen and John Zerzan. I recommend looking up their videos. Same with black bloc anarchists. They're an entertaining bunch. Total spontaneous individuals!

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