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It's also important to know that these folks really are against industrialized civilization. They think it would be better to live like indigenous tribes. Here is a book that people like these anarchists read:

One of the authors, Derrick Jensen, actually responded to the author of a 2-star review on Amazon. This statement is more about feminism and masculinity, but one of the authors of the books thinks that all men should have vasectomies:

"Men, as a class, beat women, as a class. Women, as a class, do not beat men as a class. yes it happens once in a while, but the overwhelming majority of cross-gender violent crimes are committed by men against women, not the other way around. And the definition of masculinity in this book is not based on innate maleness: there have been plenty of non-patriarchal cultures where masculinity has not been defined as it is in this current patriarchal culture. In this culture masculinity is defined by declaring others (women, children, other races, other cultures, nonhumans, the earth) as inferior, and therefore as violable, and then by violating them. For men under this patriarchy, these acts of violating others are how we become who we are. They validate who we are. They then reaffirm who we are, as through these repeated acts of violation we come to perceive each new violation as reinforcement not only of our superiority over this other we violated but as simply the way things are. Thus the rapes. Thus the violation of every boundary set up by every indigenous culture. Thus the extinctions. Thus the sending of probes to penetrate the deepest folds of the ocean floor. Thus the bombing of the moon."


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