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← Jury gives "faith healing" mother prison time in son's death

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Comment 12 & Comment 14

For every barking claim out there there are a legion, and no doubt many many more, that believe the crud hook line and sinker..

Comment 13 by Jumped Up Chimpanzee

Completely agree with that comment this is an abject and lamentably foreseeable failure on the part of the so called 'moderate' scams...that are well aware of the dumbfuckery their insanity leads to, and in a greater part encourages, and they do absolutely diddly squat to avoid the foreseeable consequences of filling the mentally inadequate and incapable with a version of a fairy story that is based on utter fanciful made up bollix.

The 'moderates' are happy enough to go along with the brain dead enthusiasm and the abject naivete for 'gawd', after all their work is done there, but severely lack a modicum of integrity or foresight to realise they are giving a loaded and deadly weapon to the monumentally incapable of wielding it responsibly...It is gross incompetence and they should be in the dock alongside the 'faithful'

It avails the 'moderates' no good in the long run because the cretins they lie and harangue and hoodwink move on to these extreme cockroach nests of theist wishful thinking because they have no balance or realization in their woo worship that it is a not actually a guaranteed deal let alone real. These cretins get the idea from somewhere that 'gawd' is a magik pixie that grants all wishes and cures all malady if enough prayers are who gives them that idea?

The cults are rife with invented and assumed fucking bullshite which apart from being dangerous, because they have not a functioning clue between them, are given carte blanche to practise it unregulated without culpability by a society that bends over backwards to allow it, is beyond is criminal and mentally abusive apart from being a sad indictment of authority.

But that is where all the jeebus howling leads to inevitably...the fact is they would kill us all because their ignorant insanity cannot differentiate between reality and consequence against wishful thinking and fairy story.

Comment 11 by Rosbif

However, wouldn't the comments here be better placed on their site (some with a little editing :) )

No matter how eloquent the prose do you really think they would take any notice? Half of 'em are functionally illiterate anyway...or act like it when they are faced with a criticism, no matter how mild, of their nonsense.

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