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← Jury gives "faith healing" mother prison time in son's death

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Comment 23 by katy Cordeth

She'll have to spend the rest of her life coming to terms with the knowledge that because of her misplaced faith and her own foolishness, she'll never get to see her son grow up; never get to hold the grandchildren he would have given her

katy that is the logical, compassionate and rational, if not terribly sad, reaction to this tragedy.

But anyone capable of such a ridiculous and flagrant refusal to seek immediate medical help for her child that actually died because she was more interested in 'not disappointing god' deserves no such consideration however much it would be the 'kind' thing to do in possibly other circumstances!

Will she come to terms with the knowledge that her child died because of her misplaced faith and her own foolishness?

Anyone so wrapped up in her own version of reality is unlikely to analyse her actions to such a conclusion. More likely she will consider jail as her punishment for not praying hard enough...these folk are delusional...and most cases have no cure and most don't want a cure, hell most don't even realize they need a 'cure'...or at least a tiny bit of rationalization in their faith.

Has she realized that her devotion was misplaced, seems that there has been no such admission either in interview or defence, a defence which incidentally is actively promoting the line that her 'conduct was not unreasonable, based upon the teachings of her church.'

In fact implying she was justified in her actions!

That does not sound like she has accepted her culpability...not at all!

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