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Since "ungodly": refers in the first instance to rejection of their own "delusion" of a totalitarian dictator posing as the invisible man: might refer in the second instance, as tenuously linked to rejection of anyones memeology who professes any invisible man following whatsoever; defaults in the third instance with this xenophobic scripture propaganda to be applied to the most rational amongst the human race whom also likely include the most humanitarian thinkers on planet Earth.

You would be horrified to know the position believers minds are being sullied into, by applying scriptures as universal authority over all human thought and as an encoding some ultimate intellect; messaging them about the victimhood they might feel is their life suffering, thereby branding all out group thinkers in opposition to this absolutely corrupt afterlife judiciary. Only in death can belief be undone; is the meme at play absent all reason. Reason branded the archenemy is how these charlatans got this wedge in the human meme chain in the first place.

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