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Years of walking with my Christian missionary neighbor prepared me for listening to this, so I did not have much trouble getting to the end. They danced around the subject without going into it. Instead they were more interested in the color of the marbles used in the Jesus Seminar. Payne did say something near the end that got my attention; he claimed that starting study from a naturalist position is prejudging the situation and setting the scales unevenly against faith. I have heard this argument, before, and have had to spend some effort to get people to understand that starting from a blank slate is not a biased position. Religion has a very hard time if they are required to show that things are true before they can put them on the slate. They always want to be allowed to posit the supernatural and then show that it makes a good story. When reality intrudes, they keep changing the story to make that intrusion not so bad, and thus theology end up with castles in the sky.

We must always stand up for the validity of honest inquiry where evidence and reason are rendered at the starting gate, and not allow that requirement to be labeled as prejudging on our part, so as to be used to excuse it, tu quoque, on the religious side.

P.S. Payne's remarks about the LXX (Septaugint) are just wrong.

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