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← [Update] How Christian fundamentalists plan to teach genocide to schoolchildren

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You think that they must have hit the bottom of the barrel, always, and I mean always, to be informed that is not quite so, there seems to be a ways to go as yet!

I cannot even summon outraged rant, a very peculiar and rare occurrence is that.

This is what they have always wanted to do, it is a xian wet dream.

Access to a class full of young trusting naive wide eyed innocent faces, a bible, and time. Put the pant pissing fear of god into the kiddies they are yours for life.

And the authorities being so riven and awestruck by religious respect, stand meekly aside and let the famished great white shark of god's hatred into the kiddie swimming pool without let or hindrance.

Maybe the greatest betrayal of all, I am not sad or angry, just disappointed that school boards are so cowardly ready and willing to herd their young impressionable charges into abject slavery misery and sacrifice so cheaply...some kiddies will suffer unnecessary guilt and anxiety for the rest of their natural is simply legalised child abuse... is it actually legal? is certainly an abomination those involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves...again where are the 'moderates'...rather conspicuous by their absence.

That's all until I recover my rant bone!

Wed, 30 May 2012 18:14:19 UTC | #944570